The Smith Family in 1967, with me and Granny 

in the middle of this picture.

Granny says...


Rural wisdom is often passed to new generations through folk sayings. Here are a few of my favorites from my Granny Smith:

For every fog in August, we’ll have another snow in winter.


Do it right the first time and you won’t have to lick your calf over.


Plant seeds for above-ground plants during the time of a new moon to a full moon, the waxing phase. This is also the best time to fertilize.


Plant crops that grow below ground, such as potatoes and carrots, from the full moon to the dark of the moon, or the waning phase.


A red sunrise in the morning means rain before lunch. A red sunset late in the afternoon means no rain.


When cows are lying down in a field, rain is on its way.


My granny is in the red shirt on the left, my brother in the foreground. Stripping tobacco in the 1980s.