Passions of the Black Patch: Cooking and Quilting in Western Kentucky


Passions of the Black Patch…is it a steamy love story, or a lusty novel? Let’s just call it a succulent tryst into home grown foods, hand crafted quilts, and delightful stories, all steeped in the tradition of western Kentucky.


Passions of the Black Patch: Cooking and Quilting in Western Kentucky is a publication from Bobbie Smith Bryant, featuring over 200 regional recipes from one of the Commonwealths most unique areas. The Black Patch is so called because of the unusual firing process used in tobacco production there.


For all those who savor mouthwatering, homegrown cooking, this book will be a must read.  This cookbook is also ideal for cooks that are making the effort to buy food that is locally grown or harvested, providing easy-to-prepare recipes made from local ingredients. You’ll relish the delectable recipes imbued with real farm to table vernacular.


A few of the family recipes included in the book:


7 Day Pickles 
Pop Corn Balls  
Egg Nog
Pink Lemonade 
Poke Salad
Corn Light Bread
Granny’s Never Fail Rolls
Griddle Cakes
Deviled Eggs
Salmon Patties
Liver and Onions
Country Ham
Papaw’s Fried Chicken
Red Eye Gravy
Snow Cream
Fried Apple Pie
Mama Brewer’s Tea Cakes


The Smith family of Calloway County continues a farming tradition encompassing more than 180 years. In this regional book you’ll witness the beauty of the land, tenderly cared for by farm families. Short stories about the Black Patch area will capture the reader and place you at the family dinner table, soaking up the heartwarming culture and family traditions.


An extraordinary treat to this cookbook is the tribute Bryant pays to her ancestors who wielded meticulous handiwork in creating colorful and sometimes dramatic quilt designs. From the 1890s to the Depression Era, the Smith and Chilcutt families were prolific in designing and sewing popular quilt patterns of their day.


Some of the quilt patterns featured in the book:

    • Album or Friendship
    • Butterfly
    • Donkey
    • Dresden Plate
    • Drunkard’s Path
    • Windmill
    • Grandmothers Flower Garden
    • Tulip or Nancy Page


This book gives a first account look at the use of the land, the ingenuity of the people and their desire to be resourceful in making a living and a life from meager resources.


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Passions of the Black Patch:Cooking & Quilting in Western Kentucky